Travel Playlists!


Close your eyes and give away to your imagination. Let go: enjoy  the beautiful landscape, lower down the windows, stop where you want to, admire the sunset… Imagine THE trip of your life, leaving you a ton of memories.

When you travel, music is something very special. As human beings, we associate often a specific moment to this song that just happened at this time. That’s why I decided to share playlists that will accompany you during your next adventure, may it be a long-ish roadtrip or a 14-hour flight. I hope you will like it! If you are thinking of others songs, and have other songs in mind, don’t hesitate to recommend them, #TeamFlipTrip loves discovering new songs.

Let’s turn it up and enjoy!

Playlist : On The Road to discover the World

Listen this playlist if you drive, listen to it till you arrived at your next destination. It’s a calm playlist. Perfect to for enjoying the landscape and the beauty of the nature, with some more dynamic songs (the aim is not to fall asleep…!)

Playlist : Sea, Sand, Dancing

Enjoy the sun with this playlist. It will make you forget it’s too hot! Just smile and enjoy life!

Playlist : On The Road With the Moon

This playlist will help you have sweet dreams during the night. Listen to it in the evening after a long day of activities and walk.

Playlist : On The Road With the Sun

Mix of songs we created to help you enjoy your day. Whether you are at the beach, riding your bike, on the bus, this playlist is for you!


Hi, I am Lénaïg! A french student taking up business and is enjoying her time in Philippines. Challenges motivate me a lot, that’s why I would love to create my own company in the future. Always ready to learn and discover new things – I am sure I will find beautiful discoveries here.

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