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Kickstarting the new month with a bang, here is FlipTripPH’s first ever featured travelers, Ben and Karley!

Ben and Karley, you guys may know them as @timeoutsociety and @bookedpackabroad, are the ultimate travel couple goals! They’ve been in each other’s lives since 2013 and we couldn’t be happier! They make us green with envy (in a good way!) and they are the perfect inspiration for those of you who want to travel with that special someone! Check out their snaps on Instagram! Lucky for you guys, we got to talk to the magnificent duo, and here’s how it went:



Hey Ben, Hey Karley! How long have you been traveling?

We have been traveling since 2013. We both began our travels in Australia and that is where we met (cute love story to tell another time) Karley teaches private English lessons while we travel and Ben focuses on social media marketing for our business Timeoutsociety.

When you guys have spare time, what do you usually do?

When we have time to ourselves we like to socialize with people, learn about cultures, listen to instrumental music, and spend quality time with each other.

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What do you look for in your next destination?

When we look for our next destination we try to go to the more untouched places where we can discover hidden secrets that only the locals know of, but we are always keeping our safety in mind.

What’s your favorite destination in The Philippines so far?

Our favorite place in the Philippines would be Siquijor, because of the enchanted tree where the fish live that nibble your feet. We met the kind-hearted healer that lives deep into the forest in the middle of the island.



 Why do you think other travelers should come and explore The Philippines?

Travelers should come and explore the Philippines because of the unlimited amounts of hidden places left to discover and the Filipino culture is one of a kind.


What is your message to other Travelers?

Our message to other travelers is that you should not wait to chase your dream to travel, you should act now and start planning your trips. If traveling is important to you, you can make it happen. Start by exploring your own area I think you would be surprised by what you will find. Also if you only have a weekend, plan a getaway, it can really feel like a week!


Thanks for this, Ben and Karley! Truly an inspiration! Happy travels to you both!

Be sure to check them out at @bookedpackabroad and @timeoutsociety on Instagram!

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