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Ayen Alvarez and Gene Sto. Tomas or better known as @KGWanders, is another couple that can be considered #goals. This Piggyback-riding couple is exploring The Philippines one province at a time and is set to conquer the world slowly but surely! Check out their instagram profiles and stay updated on their adventures at @ayenalvarez, @ima9ene and of course @KGWanders!


How long have you both been traveling?

Traveling is our common passion. We’ve been having random travels and dates even before we became a couple in 2014.

What do you guys do?

Gene works as a copywriter/content creator in an advertising agency while Karren works as a Brand and Marketing manager in a retail company.


Our readers want to know, what do you do so you can afford to travel?

Most people think that our jobs pay us enough to afford our travels but that’s not actually true. Most of our budget actually goes to our families, daily necessities (especially food), and of course, we do some hardcore planning to save up for our future trips. We usually allot around 6 months of preparation for an adventure.

Aside from traveling, what do you guys like to do in your spare time?

Karren loves to cook and Gene loves to eat whatever Karren cooks. If you rank all our passions, food comes next to traveling. However, we usually spend our lazy time watching movies and playing games.


What do you guys look for in your next destination?

A beautiful destination is never enough for us so we are looking for places that offer the best experience possible. After all, each adventure is a part of our story – stories that one day, we hope we can pass on to our children, grandchildren and even to those who want to hear our stories.

What’s your favorite destination in The Philippines so far?

Definitely Palawan! It’s a place where absolutely everybody can have an experience of a lifetime.


Why do you think other travelers should come and explore The Philippines?

Think about this: the Philippines has over 7,000 islands which could translate to 7,000 unique adventures and stories for each person. If you’re looking for an adventure you will never forget, the Philippines have almost everything from world-class beaches, breathtaking views from different mountains, and some of the richest diving spots in the world. Actually, if you look at the Philippines on a map, it looks like a guy who couldn’t wait to go on an adventure! So, why shouldn’t you? 🙂

What is your message to other travelers?

Don’t travel if you’re just looking for an escape or just for the sake of crossing it out of your bucket-list. Travel for the experience and to create stories with the people you love most – stories that would do more than make great conversations over dinner, but stories that can hopefully inspire others as well.

Gotta love couples bitten by the travel bug! Their stories and experiences are something to learn from and admire! Thank you Ayen and Gene!

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12669272_10205981886849416_365708417_o Janine Aboy is an undergraduate student of De La Salle University taking up Marketing Management. Always on the look out for different adventures, Janine is a wanderer, game for anything and everything, wherever that may take her. ig: ajventuretime

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