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Aaron Palabyab is a filmmaker and photographer who has traveled all around the world – as you can see by his favorite shots we’ll feature down below. ‘Ocean heart, mountain mind, starry eyed’. That’s his description on Instagram and  everyone who sees his shots will understand why.  Check out @apalabyab on instagram to check out his adventures! You can also go straight to his website at to check out his stellar shots, his travel films that make you green with envy or to purchase his art!


We’ve been looking through your profile, and your pictures are super nice by the way! How long have you been traveling?

That’s very kind of you! Since graduating in 2007, but my independent travel frequency really picked up in 2014.

What do you do?

I am a filmmaker (director/cameraman/editor/writer, in that order) by profession, and a semi-pro photographer. I also recently got into fine art printing and am testing the waters doing that for clients.


Our readers want to know, what do you do so you can afford to travel?

Nothing special, just a combination of work and selling stuff I’ve accumulated over the years that I don’t use anymore. As much as possible I try and find opportunities to travel for free as well. The advantage of my job is there are definitely opportunities for it.


Aside from traveling, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I learn stuff and I make stuff, I guess. I read a lot on the Internet! Anything interesting, or researching on new places to go, etc. I take in a lot of video and photography online. I also try and teach myself new photography and video techniques depending on what I’m doing. Lately I’ve been printing photos to decompress after a long day. I should read more books and watch more movies and TV series but it’s hard for me to sit still. I also work out, being fit makes travel so much more enjoyable.

What do you look for in your next destination?

Now that I travel primarily to take photographs, I look for a few things: the presence of unique and really good angles for photos (which are different from just nice views), few tourists but relatively easy access (i.e., no rock scrambling required, no communist rebels, etc.), and dark, clear skies with reliably good weather.


What’s your favorite destination in The Philippines so far?

It used to be Tubbataha Reef and that’s still way up there on my list, it’s a magical place. but I’ve since become more of a mountain than an ocean person since trekking the Andes in 2014. The Philippine Cordilleras are like my new spiritual home, I love gazing at these huge mountains even though I’m terrible at climbing them. If I could spend a month just roaming those mountains and shooting I would love that. There’s also so much culture and spirit in them, it’s a mystical place.


Why do you think other travelers should come and explore The Philippines?

The Philippines is still really under the radar considering how much there is to see here and the wide variety of places to explore. We’re still mostly known for places like Palawan and Boracay and for how awful Manila is. But seeing for myself how much the lesser known places have to offer, I’m sure that any backpacker seeking a unique experience and a real adventure would be blown away if they knew everything we had in store. And besides, we speak English!

What is your message to other travelers?

Go out and travel and don’t do it to be cool or because you want more Instagram followers or whatever. No one cares, just do it for yourself and your own growth and satisfaction. Respect the places you visit and let them change you, not the other way around. Travel is the best education out there and if you can manage to do it for upwards of one month continuously you will open up your entire world.


You want to be featured? Post your amazing snapshots on Instagram using the hashtags #TeamFlipTrip and #FlipTripPH! If your account is on private, please do send us a direct message so we can see! Who knows, you just might see your face here next week!

12669272_10205981886849416_365708417_o Janine Aboy is an undergraduate student of De La Salle University taking up Marketing Management. Always on the look out for different adventures, Janine is a wanderer, game for anything and everything, wherever that may take her. ig: ajventuretime

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