Travel Gear: The Best Travel Gifts For Any Explorer

Caution: Each of these items might cause a sudden case of wanderlust.

1.     A FlipTrip! FlipTrip.ph-logo.jpg

Dreaming of your next great Philippine adventure? #TeamFlipTrip will take you there
Dreaming of your next great Philippine adventure? #TeamFlipTrip will take you there

Which explorer doesn’t love an actual trip? An adventure is a fantastic way to connect travellers to locals, while providing an experience to be remembered.

Find your next adventure on FlipTrip.ph. From where to stay, what to do for play, and how to get there — we’ve got you covered.

A few awesome explorers who took a #FlipTrip ATV tour in Capas, Tarlac! Crazy lahar adventure up Mt. Pinatubo! (Photo courtesy of Natalie Salazar)

Plan your trip in just 5 minutes. With 6 amazing destinations unlocked — Manila, Tarlac, Pangasinan, Zambales, Baler (Aurora) and Bulacan — choose your adventure and travel your way.

A few awesome explorers who took a #FlipTrip ATV tour in Capas, Tarlac! (Photo courtesy of Natalie Salazar)

Visit www.fliptrip.ph to start your next great Philippine adventure!

2.    GoPro Hero Series

Capture your larger than life travels just as you live it

GoPro’s new Hero+ series makes extreme action photography possible. But even for the low-key explorer, capturing your travels in high definition is a great way to share your adventures with your friends. GoPro cameras are an amazing addition to any worthy traveler’s arsenal of toys. It’s an investment you won’t regret. Best to mark it at the very top of your wishlists.

3.    Sidlan

A multipurpose lifestyle bag perfect for any adventure

A Sidlan comes in a little pouch. With an easy pull and twist, your simple little Sidlan quickly transforms into a very versatile mat or beach towel. Find the tabs to the sides of your Sidlan, and a lift and knot later, it turns into a beach bag that carries everything from your bikinis, keys, camera, beer(s) and surfboard. Unravel it again, and pull the metallic buttons to the sides and you have yourself a slip-on blanket.

My Sidlan has doubled as my partner-in-crime on my adventures. I’ve taken it with me to the office, the beach, garden, movies (used as a sleeping blanket, of course), flights, on road and pavement. What I really appreciate about the Sidlan is besides being multi-purpose, it’s also sand-repellent and quick-dry.


The Sidlan is perfect for getaways to the beach, lounging at music festivals and picnics, and even for those cold lonely nights hiking up faraway mountains to stargaze.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with its many unconventional uses. The best and most interesting ways I’ve used my Sidlan are certainly the most surprising and ingenious. But I’ll let you discover that for yourselves.

Grab your Sidlan today!

4. ORIGINS: A Travel Journal by Bo’s Coffee

A homegrown journal to document your travels

Proudly homegrown and just as beautifully designed, ORIGINS: A TRAVEL JOURNAL, from Bo’s Coffee is a gorgeous way to document your travels. The journal itself is composed of a reusable jacket made specially from hand-woven fabric from Cebu-based social enterprise, ANTHILL Fabric Gallery.

The journal features inspiring pieces and intricate full-colour illustrations from local traveller writers, artists, photographers, start ups and delves into the humble beginnings of Philippine coffee culture and the growing Filipino passion to support local.

The journal also includes Philippine travel and tourism startups (including FlipTrip) that each purvey social entrepreneurship and enterprise each in their own way. Amongst which (including a few of our local partners) Trail Adventours, Culture Shock PH, Route +63, Kawil Tours, Gouache, Bambike, ANTHILL Fabric Gallery, Risque Designs, Nipa Foods, Habi Footwear, Gugu, 22 Tango Records, Gawad Kalinga – Enchanted Farm, Friggies, Olivia and Diego.

ORIGINS is the perfect gift and accompaniment to gift to any explorer no matter how young or old.

ORIGINS: A Travel Journal can be found at any Bo’s Coffee branch nationwide.

5. Scratch Map

Mark your journeys as you explore the world

Scratch maps are great additions to any explorer’s collection. Travellers love to mark their journeys some way or another after any great exploration. Nothing’s better than the thrill of coming home from a crazy adventure and telling all your friends about.

A sleek map that you can frame as you traverse through each country would be a beloved gift. If exploration is in their blood, you can’t go wrong with a scratch map.

A special Philippines edition is also available for those looking to complete all 81 provinces.

Price: From USD$31 or PHP 1,350. Scratch Map: Philippines Edition can be found from Quirks .

6.    TACLOB

Travel with an upcycled bag of compassion and courage

It’s not often you hear functionality and social enterprise in one sentence. Put both together and you’ve a social enterprise creating functional bags for a great cause. TACLOB creates upcycled bags and jobs. TACLOB products are all manufactured by natural disaster survivors who have lost their livelihood as a result of a calamity, with their first employees being typhoon Haiyan survivors.

For every COMPASSION backpack purchased, TACLOB will give COURAGE, their floating school backpack, to a child affected by typhoon Haiyan.

TACLOB upcycled bags of compassion and courage are for conscientious travellers who appreciate great form and function while doing good at the same time.

Find a TACLOB bag on www.taclob.com.

7.    GRID Magazine

A magazine by travelers for travelers

Nowadays it’s very common to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of travel magazines that abound.

Time and time again, GRID Magazine never ceases to disappoint. Their photography and writings are nothing short of beautiful, with each piece always thoughtfully executed. The team behind this bi-monthly magazine are very conscientious of writing only articles and capturing photos that stir the mind and soul. From showing us the wild side of Masbate’s rodeo festival, to tales of legendary water breathers in the provinces learn something new about our beautiful country through GRID.

Once you pick it up, it’ll be hard to put it down.

Subscribe now to GRID.

8.     Kindle

A library at the push of a button

Bibliophiles are familiar with this product. Kindles have been touching the hearts of readers for years now. Though some might argue that it doesn’t quite compare to a true paperback in hand, it still beats carrying a physical book when push comes to shove.

Compact, affordable and able to hold 1,000 books, a Kindle is a great accompaniment for the roadtrip itself, or lounging about at the beach or relaxing indoors during the rainy season. Being so light, you won’t even notice you’ve packed it with you.

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