Top 5 Travel Essentials: Surfers

We’re back with Part 2 of our Travel Essentials series!

Last week, we had an inside look at the Gear of 5 Women Bloggers. This week, we feature 5 Surfers who’ve made waves in the world of Philippine travel to find out what they bring on their way to getting stoked.

Here are the Top 5 Travel Essentials these travelers won’t leave home without (in no particular order, of course).

May it inspire you for all you future travels.

1.   Kyron Rathbone, Surfer


What’s Your Travel Must-Have?

Leaving to go anywhere requires lots of careful packing. I ride so many different sorts of surf craft that excess luggage prices can always be an issue for me if I didn’t know how to smooth it over at check in… (Hahahaha). Sometimes all it takes is a cheeky grin and a few jokes to get the prices right down so I always prepare a few new lines before arriving at the airport.

My travel must-have right now is my ukulele. I can kill hours of waiting time just plucking away at the strings and not have a care in the world! Plus, if I’m low on cash I just sit my upside down hat in front of me and busk, a few more jokes in between songs and people are stepping over each other to give you there hard earned change! Haha!

What’s In Your Gear?
Kyron Rathbone's 5 Travel Essentials
Kyron Rathbone’s 5 Travel Essentials

So, in my gear, if I am travelling locally, I always have my dog Eddie with me, he is a 55kg Rotti x Bull Mastiff and my best friend.

Next is my SUP, my, shortboard, my tow boards and my kite surfing gear. (Not to mention, wetsuits, gloves, booties, vests, leash, wax, zinc cream, cameras etc.)

I always make sure I have all that gear with me wherever I am as conditions are constantly changing and I never know what to ride so if I have all the gear at my side there will always be some fun to be had.

2. TJ Cafuir, Editor-in-Chief of LokalSoul.com


What’s Your Travel Must-Have?

On a surf trip the one thing I can’t travel without are my pool boy short shorts. In fact, I won’t surf in anything but my awesome pool boy short shorts. Aside from its strong sex appeal, they make my surfing a little smoother. Of course there’s no scientific proof to that but let me say this, if you’re comfortable out there and you feel good it will definitely reflect in your surfing.

Cool and calm with a little bit of style.

Hell yeah, to short shorts.

Tell Us What’s In Your Gear?

TJ Cafuir of LokalSoul.com’s Top 5 Travel Essentials

Well it’s more of like, what’s not in my gear. I don’t bring gadgets anymore, just my phone and charger. Heck, I even lack travel essentials, like shampoo, soap and toothpaste. Sure, there’s a sachet in there somewhere but most of the time I just bum off friends.

“Bro, pengeng toothpaste.” Boom. Problem solved. Fresh breath and I packed light. I win in life.

But seriously I do bring my surf gear that’s vital to my surfing. First, I bring 2 center fins with me all the time. I have one that’s for noseriding and one I use for bigger waves. They are “the Slick” models by California fin maker True Ames. There’s a fin for every kind of wave and its best to have an alternate when conditions change.

“Slick” fins by Californian fin maker True Ames

Also, I bring a 9ft leash (that I seldom use). Lastly, wax is an essential I bring but like toothpaste it is something your friend has already covered for you. Plus, you can just buy wax at the local surf shops. And for everything else, there’s the sari sari store.

3. Ziggie Gonzales, Founder and President of The Circle Hostel


What’s Your Travel Must-Have?

When FlipTrip asked me to think about my 5 travel essentials I was hard-pressed to keep the list to just five.  Being a very “nerdy” surfer, I have an entire bag full of surf gear that includes but isn’t limited to fins, leashes, repair kits, etc.  To keep things simple and relatable to the non-surfers I’ve narrowed down my choices to the following.

Tell Us What’s In Your Gear?

Ziggie Gonzales' Top 5 Travel Essentials
Ziggie Gonzales’ Top 5 Travel Essentials

1.    Headgear Kokoon Malong

This magical item is one of the most important things to bring on a trip. The magical malong can transform into a scarf, a burqa, a dressing room, a blanket, a sling bag for your things, even make shift clothing if all your clothes get soaked and so much more; your imagination is the limit. This specific one is stretchy and has a good thickness for those windy blown out days. Highly recommended (I have 2 of them!).

2.    Nalgene bottles

Staying hydrated is important! I always make sure to carry 2 Nalgene bottles with me wherever I go, using a smaller one when I’m walking around and a larger one I leave at whatever I call home base for refills. Aside from keeping you hydrated these sturdy things help you avoid buying plastic bottles and minimize your environmental impact.

Secret tip: The bottles make good weapons for self defense when they’re full of water and tied to the end of a rope or carabiner. (MORNING STAR!)

  1. Sea to Summit Dry Lite Towel

Surfers are usually wet. From coming straight from a surf sesh, out of the shower, tying down boards on a roof in the pouring rain, the uncomfortable feeling of being cold and damp and having your boardshorts chafing you is something most surfers want to avoid. This towel is the perfect solution; it absorbs water very well, is lightweight and dries quickly.  I always bring this handy item to make sure I’m dry and ready to put on some warm clothes post-surf session.

  1. Hurley Phantom Boardwalk Walking Shorts

What is with the lack of pockets for boardshorts?! One of the main pain points for a surfer is where the heck do you put your cash, phone and wallet when walking around if all you have with you are boardshorts?

I have found the solution with my Hurley walking shorts. These sweet shorts are boardshorts! You can swim in them and surf in them and they have actual pockets. That being said I use them for walking around and rarely take them into the water. I like having them with me because its pretty much all I wear when I’m not in the water. Aside from keeping my bag light they are quick to dry and have the pockets I need so I don’t lose my things. Super comfy too.

  1. Malunggay Capsules

When you go on surf trips expect to lose some sleep. You get up at the ass crack of dawn, and then proceed to surf for hours only to nap and repeat before the day ends. Then at night there usually is a party or get together that lasts fairly late. This can take quite the toll on your body. Even without the partying, the long drive through the night is what normally gets you.

Malunggay Capsules are the best multivitamins around! This super food is choc-full of all the vitamins and minerals you need for the day. I always have a bottle with me on surf trips to keep my resistance up and provide me energy through the day. Depending on how you’re feeling you can up the dosage, so far I haven’t overdosed on them yet.

4.   Tamara Benitez, Roxy Ambassador, Cinematographer and Producer of ByTheSea  


What’s Your Travel Must-Have?

I can’t live without a notebook. Travel inspires me. Meeting new people, seeing breathtaking vistas, and experiencing unique adventures really gets my creative juices flowing. A notebook is my outlet for all the ideas I get on the road, as well as a place to mark my favorite spots at every place I go to.

Tell Us What’s In Your Gear?

Tamara Benitez's Travel 5 Essentials
Tamara Benitez’s Travel 5 Essentials
I try to pack things that are multi-functional. A quick-dry towel is on the top of my list. It’s thin and super absorbent, works as a sarong and is big enough for changing out of wet clothes. Right now I’m using one from Sea to Summit. It packs into a tiny, handy pouch. Next up is the classic triangle bikini. It’s versatile, and there are so many creative ways to tie it on.


Hydration is very important on any road trip, and I always keep a Nalgene with me and refill it whenever I can. When I travel, I like to have a camera on me at all times. The GoPro4 is the perfect gadget for traveling. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and this newest addition to the GoPro family takes great still photos in addition to being a versatile action video camera.


Aside from those essentials, I try to pack clothes that mix and match well together, and I have a toiletry kit with all the basics: toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, my coconut oil-baby oil skin care mix, and some sunscreen. I bring a bottle of Tieh Ta Yao Gin with me everywhere. It’s the perfect solution for reef cuts, and dries them out fast.


Of course, I’ve got a surfboard with me wherever I go where there’s surf. My favorite travel board is a 5’6 fat fish. It’s good for most waves, and super light, so it doesn’t hurt my weight limit.


Wax and leash are a must when surfing. My personal favorite is Sticky Bumps Soy Wax. All this goes into my favorite bag at the moment: a Sea to Summit dry backpack which is perfect for pretty much anything.

5.    Kage Gozun, Roxy Ambassador, Social Media Manager and Blogger at Surf To Live To Surf


What’s Your Travel Must-Have?

I never go anywhere without at least one iteration of a camera, be it my Nikon DSLR or a good point-and-shoot. I can’t imagine being on a trip and not coming home with moment captured in stills.
Sometimes I’ll even offload clothing and toiletries to make sure my camera fits into my baggage allowance.

What’s In Your Gear?
Kage Gozun of Surf To Live to Surf’s 5 Travel Essentials

My gear can take me from the city to pretty much any destination.  My camera allows me to record moments  — a habit  I’ve had since childhood. There are photos from travels taken from the point of view of what 8 year old me apparently found fascinating.

These denim Roxy shorts are part of every single adventure I’ve been on since I got them — I even wore them on top of my leggings for trail hikes through Yosemite National Park. Plus denim goes with everything!

I never travel without a good sunblock and a moisturizer. My current sunblock of choice is an organic zinc oxide I discovered while in Bali. Hand-in-hand with this is Divine Body Oil from Brown Belly. It works as a moisturizer and as a massage oil. Plus it smells ah-mah-zing! 

And, finally, the most incredible invention to travelers in my opinion is the malong. I have several different ones in different fabrics. It works as a blanket, sarong, scarf, head wrap, dressing room and bag.

Next week, we feature our favourite photographers for Part 3 of our #TravelEssentials series! Don’t miss out! And just in case you missed Part 1 where we featured 5 Women Bloggers.


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