Top 5 Travel Essentials: Photographers

We’re back with Part 3 of our Travel Essentials series!

Last week, we had an inside look at the Gear of 5 Surfers. This week, we feature 4 Photographers from different walks of life.

Here are the Top 5 Travel Essentials these travelers won’t leave home without (in no particular order, of course).

May it inspire you for all you future travels.

1.    Aaron Palabyab, 29, Filmmaker, AaronPalabyab.com

What’s Your Travel Must-Have?
Aaron Palabyab’s Travel-Must Have: His GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

The obvious choice would my GoPro, which is a Hero 3+ Black Edition. It’s important for me to have a camera that’s ready to roll immediately in any given situation and won’t get in between me and an experience the way a big camera would.

Tell Us What’s In Your Gear?
Camera and Manfrotto tripod at a ready

I use a Panasonic Lumix GH3 with a 12-35 f/2.8 lens for DSLR quality without bulk. A tripod is a must. I’ve had this Manfrotto 055XB forever, but plan to buy a compact one like the MeFoto Backpacker.

Patagonia Capilene 3 and REI Polartec Power Dry half-zip base layers, and Bluff Works pants

I prefer versatile quick-drying clothing because I’d rather not pack a ton of clothes. Base layer tops are great for all weather and look good. I have Patagonia Capilene 3 and REI Polartec Power Dry half-zip base layers. For pants, I swear by Bluff Works, they’re technical but look like slacks.

2.     Estan Cabigas, 40, Photographer/Writer at Langyaw.com


What’s Your Travel Must-Have?
My travel must have is my iPad Mini. It’s where I keep my schedules, check emails, browse travel info, take quick photos, read during waiting times while traveling. It’s small and handy enough for a mobile lifestyle, but big enough for most tasks compared to a smartphone.
Tell Us What’s In Your Gear?
Estan Cabigas of Langyaw.com’s 5 Travel Essentials
My gear is more of practical stuff and things related to my work. As I travel every month in multiple destinations for business and leisure, here are the top 5, excluding my camera gear and notebook computer:

Malong/patadyong or Lagu beach towel:
 Depending on what’s available when I need to go (clean and fresh), it’s very versatile and can serve as towel (for the malong/patadyong), pillow, blanket, stuff holder, or during long air-conditioned bus rides, I usually don’t bring a jacket but just cover myself with it instead.
Notebook and pen: Being a writer and blogger, I always take notes on places, prices, names, experiences. It’s better than relying on my iPad Mini.
Portable hard drive: I’m constantly on the move and I bring all my RAW digital images, all 4Tb in two portable hard drives so that I can provide needed images to clients whenever they email, mostly for publication.

Multi-outlet plug: There are instances when I need to stay at a budget accommodation and there are outlets are quite limited and I need to charge my camera battery, smartphone, iPad Mini or charge the notebook computer to work or blog.

3.    Sonny Thakur, Photographer and Photo Editor of GRID Magazine

What’s Your Travel Must-Have?

I never travel without an easy dry travel towel, at least one camera and some film, a field notes or moleskine notebook and pen, and a knife.

Tell Us What’s In Your Gear?
Sonny Thakur of GRID Magazine’s 5 Travel Essentials
I always make sure to bring along a camera and notebooks to document my trip. I don’t always have the camera up to my face and prefer to take in the moment so it usually sits inside a domke bag.
My gear is all very practical and everything goes a long way. Staying clean and dry is a huge comfort for me and it’s easier than most people think. I use a rat towel on the beach to keep sand off me and to dry up after a dip. I have a hand-crank power bank and flashlight for when things don’t go as planned.

The knife doesn’t get much use but it has saved me on a couple of occasions. The common factor in all the gear I bring is almost everything was recommended by  friends and I find myself saying things like, “Damn, I’m happy Hanne got me this towel.”

4.    Carmen del Prado, Filmmaker and Visual Storyteller


What’s Your Travel Must-Have?

BIKINIS! Almost everywhere I go, I’ll never leave home without bringing at least two pairs of bikinis. Whether hiking, heading to the mountains, around town or especially to the beach. Think of it as an emergency, you’ll never know when you’ll end up needing one and eventually you’ll always end up using one. I have 11 pairs and it’s still not enough!

Tell Us What’s In Your Gear?

Carmen del Prado’s Travel Essentials

My Canon 60D DSLR and Go Pro Hero 3+ for capturing those priceless moments of adventure above and underwater; Monopod for steady shooting which doubles as a walking stick during hikes; Travel Sketchbook which I bring everywhere. This is another way of documenting my trips — through illustrations and drawing portraits of the people I meet and of course writing down tips and contact info from other travelers; a pretty scarf to keep me warm during long rides on the air-conditioned buses and planes.

And keeping it classy with my Oakley Frogskins shades; a trusty lip balm and, of course, my favorite sunblock. x

Next week, we feature Social Entrepreneurs for Part 4 of our #TravelEssentials series!

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