Surf Supreme 2015: Baler Survival Guide Part 2 (Food Bucket List!)

When was the  last time you ate a meal on a banana leaf? With surfing, dancing, and brain-beating challenges, you’re sure to work up an appetite this coming October 16 to 18. Good thing Baler is crawling with eateries serving both local delicacies and more familiar fare (for foreigners and Manileños).

Our team at FlipTrip HQ has prepared a food bucket list (part 1 because we just couldn’t quite cover everything in one post) with some of the best dishes we’ve tried yet.

It’s time to work up your food strategy, folks! Get your eating game on because you’ve got to try them all.

1. Pako Salad and Rice Toppers at Kusina Luntian

Kusina Luntian
Filipino favorites all in a banana leaf! Photo courtesy of Kusina Luntian (Facebook)

A Baler staple, Kusina Luntian can get so busy during weekends that there was even a HugotDagat post about it. Here you can eat your dinner on a low table while sitting on an elevated bamboo floor. A kamayan restaurant as rustic as it is delicious, their meals are tasty yet affordable. Dishes are of usual Filipino fare, but always cooked perfectly. Choose from their wapang liempo (a specialty), their tapa, longganisa, or indulge in some homemade leche flan. Each meal comes with rice, a salted duck egg, and a small pako salad on top.

FlipTripTip: You can also try their banayad. This smooth blend of coconut whiskey can only be found in Baler and is a great souvenir for friends with a taste for good liquor.

Damage: Around ₱150 (Drink included!)

2. Bulalo Barbecue at Baler Surfer Grill

Hot grill, cool car
Check their menu out!

Famous for its converted Volkswagen Beetle grill station, this grill has  been featured on Instagram feeds again and again. More than the cool factor, their grilled fare is actually really good!

FlipTripTip:  Try their Surfer’s Bulalo BBQ or the grilled fish!

Damage: ₱80 to 200

3. Chocnut Turon at Bayler View Hotel No, you are not leaving without trying this. The textures just explode in your mouth–cold and crunchy is a winning combination.

Baler’s version of the apple pie ala mode

FlipTripTip: Get extra ice cream on top, or you might just regret it.

Damage: ₱100 to 140

4. French Toast at Stir it Up!

What's for breakfast? Photo courtesy of Stir It Up (Facebook)
What’s for breakfast? Source: Stir It Up (Facebook)
Chocolate peanut butter pie. Like Jack Johnson said, "You're smooth and creamy like peanut butter." Photo courtesy of Stir It Up (Facebook)
Chocolate peanut butter pie. Like Jack Johnson said, “You’re smooth and creamy like peanut butter.” Photo courtesy of Stir It Up (Facebook)

The cool kids behind this fun little breakfast shack might be on extended holiday in Vietnam at the moment, but they’ll have you convinced that, yes, you can  eat breakfast for dinner, or dessert, or any other meal for that matter! French toast, sandwiches, pie, and shakes are but a few treats to  sample! Find Stir It Up located next door to Uhuru and Kusina Luntian. Check back here in a month or two.

FlipTripTip: They have cocktails– a sweet and refreshing treat. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for extra bacon with your french toast!

Damage: ₱70 to 150 PHP

5. Grilled Yellow Fin at, well… Yellow Fin Bar & Grill 

Grilled goodness! Photo coutresy of Choose Philippines (http://www.choosephilippines.com/eat/restaurants/1469/experience-balers-flavor-at-yellow-fin-bar-and-gri/)
Grilled goodness! Source: Choose Philippines

This food stop is as happening as it is delicious. They know how to get the party going with an updated list of beats that won’t keep you guessing as to where it is. Located next to Charlie Does, ask the friendly waiters about the catch of the day. The sooner it’s cooked from the water, the yummier the fish is.

FlipTripTip: Don’t miss out on the fish or any of their breakfast specials!

Damage: ₱100 to 150

6. Iced Peanut Butter or Salted Caramel Coffee (or Freshly Baked Dessert!) at Ground Swell

_L000692 (1)

Does iced peanut butter or salted caramel coffee sound like a good choice on a hot day? Head on over to Charlie Does, surf shop and cafe in one and home to Ground Swell for awesome coffee, beer and all freshly baked desserts in-house.  Their sweet treats taste like summer and smell like your childhood.

FlipTripTip: Ground Swell has a sister counterpart in Manila that travels to bazaars and pop up functions throughout the metro. Catch Current Swell for your caffeinated hits in the big city.

Damage: ₱100 to 200

7. Fresh Pancakes at The Hungry Surfer Yup, breakfast lovers, here you can go from hungry to happy! Perfect for after surf grub! They also offer a variety of dishes and breakfast meals.

The decor screams beachside grub for the hungry surfers on the line up

FlipTripTip: Their fresh fruit shakes and regular rice meals are pretty yummy. The Hungry Surfer also has a front row view to the beach and practicing surfers.

Damage: ₱100 to 200

8. Sandwiches at  Aliya Surf Camp baler clubhouse Aliya is an institution in Baler for local and Manila surfers. The food is great here, and the view spectacular. Our venue for Surf Supreme 2015, and host of the recent Philippine Wahine Classics — we highly recommend Aliya for any of your food needs. 

FlipTripTip: Also try their pako salad with beef, tofu sisig or even their pizza. Guaranteed yum. Order extra rice in advance. You’ll appreciate it, trust us.

Damage:  ₱150 to 250 PHP

9. Pasta, Pizza and Artisanal Coffee at Press Start Café six FlipTrip.ph_Baler_Food_Press_ Press Start is one of the most sought-after cafes in the area for their food innovation. If you’re looking for something unique, this is the place for you. The menu is open to rotation dependent on what the chef feels like cooking. Big wave surfer, Marco Villareal, heads the kitchen here at Press Start Cafe, also home of beautiful Surfhouse Baler. They also serve delectable coffee using only quality beans and equipment.

Photo courtesy of Craig Pulsifer


FlipTripTip: Order a pour-over and any of the pastas. You won’t be disappointed.

Damage: ₱ 200 to 300

10. Baler Suman four Whoever said Baler food isn’t cheap hasn’t quite tried the sumans of this town yet. Really cheap and filling, choose between violet or white rice varieties to taste and to bring home to your family or friends.

Damage: Below ₱20  

11. Nanay Pacing’s Peanut Butter and Other Pasalubong Goodies akkaw Go to the market and remember Baler through its goodies!

FlipTripTip: Don’t go home without Nanay Pacing’s peanut butter. Seriously.

Damage:  Depends on your appetite.

13. Buko!  two Beaches and buko, it’s not just alliteration. They are made for each other. You can find our favorite friendly buko seller near Aliya and Nalu Surf Camp!

Damage: around 15 PHP

14. Anything inihaw (grilled) at the Rolling Stores—classic roadside eateries offering cheap food that’s not stingy on the flavor

Rolling stores (Hellow Kimmy)
Rolling stores. Photo courtesy of Hellow Kimmy (http://hellowkimmy.blogspot.com/2014/06/balers-ever-famous-rolling-store.html)

Need to budget but famished? This is where you go when you want to eat something but are tight on a budget. Open 24 hours, you and your barkada can get  filled up with a variety of yummy home-style food with only minimal damage to your wallet.

Damage: Around ₱100 (and that’s an overestimation!)

Have you tried any of these food spots in Baler? Have more to add? Let us know!


Now you know the sights and scenes you want to check out, how do you get there?

On your feet

Take a leisurely barefoot stroll along Sabang Beach to catch the events at Aliya Surf Camp. Our partner accommodations are just 5-10 minutes away from the event venue.

On wheels

Borrow some boards and cruise through the back roads of Baler, or show off how you shred on wheels in Circle’s skate bowl, or Nalu Surf Camp’s paved pathways. Prefer biking? Borrow a fat bike that you can take out on the beach from Surfhouse Baler!

On motorized wheels

Hire a tricycle (or use your car) to get around town to check out other amazing attractions and Baler classics like the Museo de Baler, Mother Falls, and the famed Millennium tree.

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