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FlipTrip hosts exclusive Travel Meetup for Trip Organizers

Events are a great way to meet people of the same interests, hobbies, ideas and mindset. For travelers, it is a great way to meet travel buddies and the perfect opportunity to make new memories with new found friends. A few days ago, FlipTrip invited some of the best travel organizers in The Philippines to get in on what we’re cooking up in the kitchen!

Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago

The night started off with a human bingo ice breaker that actually did succeed in breaking the ice. People were mingling, strangers became friends who then had the pleasure of partaking into trivia games and challenges focusing on travel around The Philippines. Of course our night wouldn’t be complete with people winning awesome prizes from FlipTrip.PH! Almost everyone didn’t leave empty handed, either bringing along a shirt or goodie bag along with them!

Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago

We then showcased our upcoming app which received overwhelming feedback! We couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to test our upcoming app.  Everyone was treated to this sneak peak and were able to mix in a little bit of their own ingredient to ensure that this would be a best seller. Trip organizers and attendees were excited to chip in their ideas on how to make the app better than it already was!

Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago


Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the app that will revolutionize the ultimate travel experience in The Philippines!

12669272_10205981886849416_365708417_oJanine Aboy is an undergraduate student of De La Salle University taking up Marketing Management. Always on the look out for different adventures, Janine is a wanderer, game for anything and everything, wherever that may take her.  ig: ajventuretime


Why YOU shouldn’t miss Fliptrip: Travel Meet Up IV

As the summer draws to a close, people from far and wide have gone on their adventures, taking with them great pictures and even better memories. Share your favorite summer moments and find your next travel companions! It’s time to go back to our favorite place, Commune, make new travel buddies, and find that next adventure we’ve been craving for!

Come and meet your fellow travelers at Commune Makati. Play games, tell stories, share a cup of coffee (or beer), make new friends, or maybe meet that special someone you’ve been looking for. Challenge yourself with our games, and [maybe] win some epic prizes from our collaborators.

Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss

FlipTrip: Travel Meet Up IV:


Our travel meet ups are at Commune PH for a reason. They have a great selection of food, coffee, and for those like us who need a little kick, alcohol.



Our travel meet ups bring together people from all around. United by the love of travel, strangers and friends share stories and bond over coffee or beer. The games also bring people together, I mean, what better way to meet new people than through a friendly competition together, right? Don’t miss out on finding your next travel buddy!

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Every travel meet up we like kicking things up a bit by switching up our games. From physical games such as Balance Board competitions to games that test your knowledge on Philippine history and geography. Make sure to bring your A-Game and an open mind for these!

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Prints from the one and only Aaron Palabyab are up for grabs!


Our friends from World of Patterns have a few surprises up their sleeves!

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Our ultimate travel companion, Vivo Lumio, is giving away to-go kits for those necessities you need on your next adventure!


Columbia Sportswear and Somer Swimwear have a lot in store for the winners!


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Indulge! Ganso Shabuway is giving away gift certificates!


Iwantseats is giving away Roundtrip Bus Tickets to complement FlipTripPH’s Baler or Ilocos trips for the winners!

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What more could you want? There will also be co-working passes courtesy of Bitspace up for grabs!


Get started with using Shopee! Gift certificates and vouches are in store for the winners! Buy what you need, and sell your pre-loved goodies all through your phone.


A lucky winner will learn how to surf with Club Manila East!

cme rappler

Photo courtesy of Rappler. Direct link: http://www.rappler.com/life-and-style/1696-surfing-in-the-city

So what are you waiting for? Go check out our Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/233375017032609/?active_tab=posts!

Don’t forget to register for a slot at Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fliptrip-travel-meetup-iv-tickets-25258366454!

Don’t miss out! See you at FlipTrip: Travel Meet Up IV at Commune PH on May 17, 2016 at 6:30 PM!

12669272_10205981886849416_365708417_oJanine Aboy is an undergraduate student of De La Salle University taking up Marketing Management. Always on the look out for different adventures, Janine is a wanderer, game for anything and everything, wherever that may take her.  ig: ajventuretime


Another Travel Meet Up: Things YOU Missed Out On


January 27, 2016, marked the day travelers from all around came together to The Gallery at A-Space, Makati for FlipTrip.PH.’s Another Travel Meet Up. It brought together travel enthusiasts eager to play games, share stories about their adventures and to meet some new potential travel buddies! Event after event, we find ourselves in the midst of new friends and adventure buddies, and this one did not disappoint.


As they say, the early bird catches the worm!

Our friends from Ideaspace had gigantic pizzas and a bunch of beer ready for the early enthusiasts. As they munched on pizzas and quenched on beer to satisfy their thirst, guests got to mingle and take selfies while sitting on pebble bean bags scattered all over the floor!

pizza and beer

Photo Credit: http://www.theurbanroamer.com/





In what sea did a Filipino diver discover the largest pearl?

You think you know the answer?

Take a guess–It’s in the Palawan Sea! If you guessed that right (or even if you didn’t) discussing the answer with your fellow travel junkies is definitely a great way to spend the night!  Locals and foreign visitors alike, everyone had fun while learning about the Philippines at the same time!

Everyone brought their A-game but only one team (Congratulations, A Team!) was able to bring home our special FlipTrip bag full of gifts from our friends and sponsors.



Photo Credit: Andreas Galster

Winning group A-Team took home special edition freebies of over a thousand pesos worth of goodies!


United by the love of travel, strangers and friends gamely teamed up for Trivia Night. What better way to meet new people than to enter a friendly competition together, right?

It got pretty intense, especially when we started awarding multiple points per question! The lightning round was insane, with Karl (http://www.theurbanroamer.com) naming 78 provinces in 1 minute!

We’d like to think a lot of people found travel buddies for life or at least for the next adventure!




The Balance Board was a hit! People wanted to try and see who can stay the longest on the board! As our team loves the BalBo, our very own Ragde Falcis shared tips and tricks to everyone who wanted to get in on the action!


Photo Credit: @ememquinio



No one left empty handed! Upon entering, guests who registered received gifts from our partners, Northbound Magazine, Swish and Columbia! Not only that, winners from our trivia got to take home special edition gift bags!

Our friends from Human Nature, gave away freebies too (that by the way, smells really amazing!) They even have hand sanitizers that smell like the ocean breeze(Perfect for us city folks that are missing the beach)! I mean, anyone who’s anyone would love to have that! To add to that, Swish gave away minty breath spray that our participants enjoyed!


As the program came to a finish, participants stayed longer to chat with their new buddies, add each other on Facebook and just hang out! We hope this meet-up inspired you all to go on your next Philippine adventure! We hope to see you on our next event!

FlipTripPH’s Another Travel Meet Up wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for: Ideaspace, A Space, Ganso Shabuway, Human Nature, Columbia Sportswear, Northbound Magazine, ANMA and Swish!

Check out these shots from our friends!



IMG_2429 IMG_2433 IMG_2434 IMG_2435 IMG_2436

Photo credits: Instagram – @urbanroamer, @markyramonego, @junetski, @moimumai, @iceconyelo, @ohmygem and @orenciojames

12669272_10205981886849416_365708417_oJanine Aboy is an undergraduate student of De La Salle University taking up Marketing Management. Always on the look out for different adventures, Janine is a wanderer, game for anything and everything, wherever that may take her.  ig: ajventuretime