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Why I Decided To Travel Alone

When I was younger, everybody told me: “Travel. Move away! Now is the best moment.”. I didn’t understand it at the time. Why would they say that? What did they mean?

Now I realize: Life is too short, and time moves too fast! We never know what life will bring tomorrow.

I am not telling you to travel because everybody tells you it is the best moment. I am just telling you it’s important to enjoy life while you can.

I am telling you that sometimes, you need to stop and listen to that voice at the back of your head, and realize what it is that makes that voice start ringing.

What is it that you want? What is it that will make your day feel like it’s been the best day ever? How can you make that happen more often? It can be travel, it can be work, it can be binging out on a big bag of chips!

Because I decided to travel, I’ll share why it’s okay to go out and wander on your own. You don’t need to wait for someone to take you. If you always wait for someone to be free, you will never get your chance (or you’ll wait…FOREVER!).


Here are a few reasons why I think traveling alone wouldn’t be such a sad and lonely thing:

1. Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.

You can meet new people and experience different cultures. Generally, travelling with someone makes you less likely to interact with other people (unless you’re both just super sociable). If you eat or drink on your own, its easier to join a conversation, or people can approach you better.


Photo courtesy of: www.joaoleitao.com

2. You find that your comfort zone develops to have no limit.

You thrust yourself into your unknown and expand your comfort zone without limit. Traveling alone and outside your comfort zone can teach you a lot about yourself. You suddenly discover you can do things you never tried to do. You realize that you really can stand on your own two feet.

3. You learn to feel at home everywhere, and have (little) fear.

How proud you’ll feel about yourself, knowing that you can survive in place other than your own home. That you can create your home anywhere, with anyone. The great thing is that for as long as you’re open to joining new communities, if you need help, you simply need to ask (nicely).

4. You become more independent about your decisions.

A huge advantage of traveling on your own is that you can manage your time. You don’t need to you because your friend want to be back at this time. Even if you have encounter surprises, it is less of a problem, because you don’t have to be accountable to somebody.

So seize the moment, and embrace your turn to go out and do something for yourself. I decided to travel. What do you want to do?


Photo courtesy of: www.joaoleitao.com


Hi, I am Lénaïg! A french student taking up business and is enjoying her time in Philippines. Challenges motivate me a lot, that’s why I would love to create my own company in the future. Always ready to learn and discover new things – I am sure I will find beautiful discoveries here.