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The Ultimate Guide To Your 2015 Philippine Adventures! Where To Go For The 13 Long Weekends! (Part 1)

2015 has been deemed as Visit the Philippines Year. With 13 long weekends coming up (not including Christmas, because you should be at home with your family on those days),  get ready to mark your calendar and keep updated on those Piso Fare, Centavo Fare, whatever fare sales our airlines so generously dole out throughout the year.

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9 Things To Know About Malasimbo 2015

Love soul, funk and good vibes? Awesome vibrations are a guarantee for those attending this year’s Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival. Here’s a quick rundown on what you need to know about one of the most anticipated festivals happening in the Philippines this 2015.

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19 Wanderlust Quotes Only True Explorers Understand

True explorers know that wanderlust is an addiction that takes hold of our mind, body and soul, and never leaves us quite the same again.

Like falling in love, wanderlust lasts a lifetime. It’s a feeling that we can’t explain, almost a religion we fully believe. We end up dreaming of lands less explored and roads we have yet to travel on.

Here are 19 quotes that reflect the true soul behind great explorers and their adventures. We hope it fuels your wanderlust.

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