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Adrianne Galvez is a traveler who is making a mark in the world of photography. Her instagram (@theadrianne) is full of adventures and artsy shots of what tickles her fancy. Aside from being a photographer and editor, this incredible woman is juggling a full time class load with the hope to graduate very very soon. Check out @theadrianne on instagram and see how her pictures lure you in and speak to you.

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We’ve been looking through your profile, awesome shots by the way! How long have you been traveling?

I have been traveling ever since I was a kid because my mom lived abroad. I was even born in London, UK. Whenever I would visit her with my grandparents, we would also make side trips to other countries. I guess I got the love of exploring the world from my family. When I turned 13, I was able to travel alone. That sparked something in me. I felt free. And from then on, traveling is just something that I felt was a part of me.

What do you do?

I am currently a student. But part-time, I work as a Same Day Editor in the wedding industry. I used to work almost all weekends, but due to the fact that I’m graduating, I had to lessen the load of working and focus more on my performance at school.

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Our readers want to know, what do you do so you can afford to travel?

Well, before I studied college in the Philippines, I graduated high school, as well as attended a year of college in New Jersey. I had a part-time job there in a photography studio, so I had some money saved up already from that job. Aside from that, my part-time job here in the Philippines gives me extra money. Or when time and schedule permits, I do have my own photography business under my name “The Adrianne Photo”. I shoot birthday parties, anniversaries or any event. That brings in most of my money. But since I barely do shoots or work part-time, it’s really comes down to working on a budget, traveling within your budget, and not spending money just because you have money. Lastly, I have a dependable travel buddy. My boyfriend and I always travel together. That alone splits my budget in half. Now, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a boyfriend to travel. Grab a friend, better yet a group of friends. The more the merrier (and cheaper!).

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Aside from traveling, what do you like to do in your spare time?

The grass looks greener on the Instagram feed. On my spare time I like to bum around, watch TV shows, eat, and sleep. This is done on my own, or with a group of my friends. We all pretty much have the same personality. Especially when it comes to pigging out on food. Sounds boring compared to what’s on my feed right? Well, even the greatest trips come to an end, and during those great trips, you would still get homesick, so it’s nice to get back home and unwind.

What do you look for in your next destination

Since I am on a college student budget, I look for affordable places to go to in the Philippines. Other countries will have to wait because those require more time, and a bigger budget. Plus, what better way to fall in love with your country than to explore it’s beauty. I look for destinations that have a lot of activities and yummy food. That’s my top two criteria for choosing. After that, I just choose some place I have never really been before. Or if I come back to the same place, I look for other things to do. If I have to search every crevice of something new to do in the same place, I would.

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What’s your favorite destination in The Philippines so far?

It’s so hard to choose!!! I love them all. Even the places on my bucket list, I love them already. But gun to my head, I had to choose, I would say Ilocos. It’s driveable. The food. Oh my the food. The sand dunes, the windmills, the history. It’s one of those places that you can’t believe you’re in the Philippines, but you are.

Why do you think other travelers should come and explore The Philippines?

I love my country’s natural beauty. This is something I can’t even be biased about because once you come here and see it for yourself, you will be in awe. The people are hospitable, the food is amazing, the destinations can be affordable (depending on your accommodations and transportation choices). The culture in each province is so rich that the experience can’t be replicated anywhere else in the entire world. The pictures you see online are pale in comparison to what you see in person. So you should come and see it for yourself.

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What is your message to other travelers?

As much as traveling is the ultimate goal, especially since these days it’s a trend, remember not to lose yourself in the process. Traveling is supposed to open your eyes, and widen your horizon; not shut you out from the rest of reality.

Each time I come home from a trip, I come back refreshed, renewed, and somewhat different. Each place will affect you in ways that can change you and your perspective on things. Traveling educates you in ways everyday routine life can’t. Use this as a tool to get to know yourself and the culture around you. Don’t use it as a tool to be a tool. Treat each place and the native people you meet with respect. They are not decorations to use as props for your Instagram or social media feed. Don’t feel like you are so much better than everyone else because you travel, and you’ve stayed here, or you’ve done that. Don’t be the person that feels they are all that and above it all because they’re so “well-traveled”. It’s better to be well-mannered, humble, and open-minded. These traits show how much traveling makes you grow into a well-rounded person. Don’t use the fact of all your checked bucket lists as bragging points to your barkada. Don’t be so consumed with pictures, and videos, that your trip becomes just a photo shoot. Immerse yourself in where you are. Trust me, it’s more beautiful up front than what’s on your screen. Be prepared, but pack light! Packing light in itself is an art. Especially when you’re a girl.

It took me some time to learn all these things, and if you’re just starting on your adventures, it will take time. It’s different reading about it and actually experiencing it. I’ve learned many things the hard way. But I continue to improve. Some trips may not turn out the way you expected, and some may exceed your expectations tenfold. Traveling is so rewarding in many ways I couldn’t have even imagined when I was starting out. Especially those trips that seemed so out of my league, sometimes even out of my budget. But if it’s really a passion of yours, you will jump leaps and bounds to make it happen.

Remember that there are always travel communities like FlipTrip and such to help you out in terms of getting inspiration. There are forums and blogs that can help you out with who to contact in that place, or give you an idea of what your itinerary can look like, etc.

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