FlipTrip hosts exclusive Travel Meetup for Trip Organizers

Events are a great way to meet people of the same interests, hobbies, ideas and mindset. For travelers, it is a great way to meet travel buddies and the perfect opportunity to make new memories with new found friends. A few days ago, FlipTrip invited some of the best travel organizers in The Philippines to get in on what we’re cooking up in the kitchen!

Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago

The night started off with a human bingo ice breaker that actually did succeed in breaking the ice. People were mingling, strangers became friends who then had the pleasure of partaking into trivia games and challenges focusing on travel around The Philippines. Of course our night wouldn’t be complete with people winning awesome prizes from FlipTrip.PH! Almost everyone didn’t leave empty handed, either bringing along a shirt or goodie bag along with them!

Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago

We then showcased our upcoming app which received overwhelming feedback! We couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to test our upcoming app.  Everyone was treated to this sneak peak and were able to mix in a little bit of their own ingredient to ensure that this would be a best seller. Trip organizers and attendees were excited to chip in their ideas on how to make the app better than it already was!

Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago


Photo Credit: Ronie Santiago

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the app that will revolutionize the ultimate travel experience in The Philippines!

12669272_10205981886849416_365708417_oJanine Aboy is an undergraduate student of De La Salle University taking up Marketing Management. Always on the look out for different adventures, Janine is a wanderer, game for anything and everything, wherever that may take her.  ig: ajventuretime

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