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A page from the FlipTrip Journal: Lessons from Gabby Malvar’s Travel Life

Times are changing. The years that have taken place between our youth today and that of Gabby Malvar— traveller, writer, producer— have brought about many changes in the way we live and travel. One of the biggest differences in our lifestyles results from the birth of the Internet, and its capacity to make information accessible and instant. According to Gabby, these changes have affected the way we experience life and travel, and how we share them.

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10 (1) Meets Gabby Malvar

Everybody wants to be an adventurer and blogger these days, and why not? Traveling and exploring new places to visit, meeting people, trying out new food places, and sharing it on social media such as Facebook and Instagram is definitely such a fun thing to do.

Travelife Magazine Writer and Editor-at-Large, Gabby Malvar knows this all too well. Besides his love for travel writing, he happens to be the guy who started the TV documentary Island Insiders – a show approved by both National Geographic and Department of Tourism, which debuted in 2012 alongside with his partner Ginggay Hontiveros. He’s definitely living the life.

Despite his busy schedule, FlipTrip had a chance to interview Gabriel Malvar aka Gabby Malvar about his adventures, travel writing, advocacies, his interests and who inspires him.

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