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Finding Love in Manila: A Sucesos Walking Tours Review

Sir Camp, telling the stories of Juan Luna’s children

Nariyan ang Inang Bayan; mahalin ninyo siya ng gaya ng nararapat.” (Our motherland is ever present; love her as we should.) Jose Rizal, 1882

How do we express our love for our motherland? Or perhaps the greater question now is: how do we find that love?

Lately, we have all been constant witnesses of that source of love thanks to traveling. We have been discovering more and more places that leave us fond and proud, realizing that we’re living in this land, of all places. Truly, we’re blessed by nature.

But what if you can’t find that love in these places? How do you find it in Manila? The Manila that’s always chaotic and almost has no trace of nature?

We’re proud to say that we have found it, one Saturday afternoon, and we’re sharing the secret to you.

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