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A Nation of Pancit

There are a number of things that makes a person Filipino. Our ethics, attitude and, most importantly, our food sets up apart from the rest of the world, giving us a solid identity of who we are as a community. To the untrained eye the Filipino community might seem like such a catastrophe—a mix of cultures in constant disarray, different qualities constantly clashing with each other. To the rest of us, though, such is not the case.

To those of us who actually lived and breathed Filipino culture from our childhood, we know that this melting pot of cultures we call home forms such a well organized mess, resulting in something completely amazing. This reflects in the many aspects of our daily lives, in the way we learn how to associate ourselves with different types of people and, of course, in our cuisine.

We think pancit is a great metaphor for the complexity of our cultures, so here are some   varieties very familiar to us, which we just can’t help but crave over and over again.

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Welcome To Paradise: The Quick FlipTrip Guide To Liwliwa, Zambales

Located in San Felipe, Zambales, Liwliwa is a prime surfing spot three hours away from Manila. Liwa has that small town charm that makes one feel isolated from the fast-paced life of the city.

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